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Increase the enterprise value through maximized performance.


We maximize performance through strategically tailored operating systems to meet business needs.

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Tim McNelis

Lean Enterprise Vice President - Acument Global Technologies

In my view, there are very few leaders that connect the vision to an executable and sustainable plan in the manner that Ken does.  I’ve had the pleasure to witness this not once but numerous times.  What always impressed me about Ken was not only his willingness to learn, but, more importantly, to take the lessons learned and work collaboratively with his team to implement those.  In the process, he was able to pragmatically create a continuous improvement culture that embodied high standards. This wasn’t easy.  Change is always difficult, and people typically don’t like change.

Ken is one leader who always recognized peoples fear of change.  Even though he worked side by side with this team.  He recognized there would be resistance.  He knew that in times of crisis, team members often revert to what they are most comfortable with.  Unlike other leaders I’ve worked with, Ken never shied away from having the “difficult conversations” to ensure his team stayed on the right path. This took courage.  At times some of these conversations were with some of his best people.


I could not recommend a more effective leader to lead an organizational transformation.  Ken has the perfect blend of vast operational transformation experience in a variety of roles at multiple levels, an in-depth academic and practical knowledge of lean manufacturing and industrial engineering, and he possesses proven strong, situational leadership skills

Pierre Wildman

Vice Chairman - Cosworth

It’s true Ken is an entrepreneur at heart and has a deep knowledge of lean operations best practices. Importantly he excels at assessing a business and optimizing it to support agreed objectives.  Ken maintains high standards across all functional domains: financial, interpersonal, cultural, and operational.  He is demanding but encouraging, appealing to all stakeholders.  Ken has demonstrated an admirable ability to focus on what’s important, articulate it to the team, and inspire them to stick to it until the job is done. Perhaps most importantly, he attracts strong people, and employs his leadership skills to get his team on board with his strategic vision.  With his relentless “can do” attitude and skilled execution the result is an efficiently run business.

Thomas C. Schultz

Chief Administrative Officer - Spartan Motors, January 3, 2020

Ken is an operations expert who excels at the integration of lean systems. We have maintained a professional relationship for over 20 years and directly worked together for 10 years. His leadership experience spans from global fortune 500 companies to small venture capitalist enterprises. Ken’s highly versed in leading operations excellence/lean manufacturing, quality systems and business alignment transformations. On numerous occasions was called upon to bridge organizational transformation desire into a robust tactical continuous improvement plan. Most recently we collaborated on numerous potential PE acquisitions, that required a significant amount of redirection of resources, operating systems and management practices, which were simple and would deliver substantial value to the enterprise and financial performance. 


Ken uses a practical and pragmatic approach that is a blend of his academic research balanced by over 25 years’ experience in progressively challenging manufacturing leadership roles.  Ken understands how to assess current problems and opportunities, and will no doubt find areas for improvement that will positively impact the profitability of your business. I would highly recommend that you engage Ken for any challenging manufacturing initiatives your organization is contemplating or currently undertaking.


Kenneth J. Gembel II, Ph.D.


Senior P&L executive and strategic

leader with 23 years of progressive business and manufacturing experience

P & L responsible for operations in excess of $750M revenue

Practical experience in transforming global manufacturing operations to drive increased revenue, profitable growth, cost reductions and sustainable yield by leveraging a structured framework for tailoring and deploying lean business/manufacturing systems


Ph.D. of Industrial Engineering – Wayne State University

Dissertation: A Structured Methodology for Tailoring
and Deploying Lean Manufacturing Systems

Masters of Manufacturing Engineering – University of Michigan


Bachelors of Metallurgical and Materials

Engineering – Western Michigan University


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